The Luxury Festival will see participation from global iconic luxury brands ans well as our home grown luxury brands across various categories.

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INTELLI VENTURES does what intelligent companies do; a company that rides on its merit of intelligent pathfindings and introducing inspiring innovations. A global boutique outfit that dabbles in luxury and lifestyle products. From 24 carat gold filmed and Swarovski laced Cigars (only ones in Asia) to the world's finest bar accessories to bulletproof designer wear that's high on fashion quotient to Shipping container homes and more - the company brings to India many unseen offerings that reflect an understated sense of Luxury and the young company founder, Ashish Bhasin's pioneering spirit.

Dhoomimal Gallery (DMG), established in 1936 by Sh. Ram Babu Jain is the oldest contemporary art gallery in India. Having recently completed 75 years of successfully promoting Indian contemporary art Dhoomimal has always been more of an institution than a mere commercial gallery. Sh. Jain an art lover was primarily into the printing and publishing business.

Art Indus, set up in 1997 at the elite Santushti Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, was the result of extraordinary passion and insight into the field of art, stemming from a deep understanding of Indian culture and an artistic legacy that spanned generations.
The proprietor Vijay Lakshmi is an art connoisseur, an avid collector of antique textiles and contemporary as well as miniature art. Known for her discerning eye, she recognized many a master long before they were proclaimed by the world, as the hottest names in the art market.

Chawla Art Gallery envisioned as an arena for passionately presenting artworks of quality & lasting in value over the years.One of the pioneers in the art business, the gallery has a history of long association with leading artists. The gallery is one of the reputed art galleries of India & has earned a great amount of good-will from the community of art lovers. The guiding principle of the organization has been to bring the viewers closer to the works of great masters of Indian art. Art connoisseur and business leader Mr. D.V. Chawla, founder of Chawla Art Gallery, has been actively engaged in art domain since 1967.He has evolved alongside the dynamics of Indian and global art. Shibani Chawla joined the art scene in 1987 & has made significant contribution towards art initiatives.
The Gallery's portfolio in the forthcoming years would revolve around this spirit of balance between the masters and the promising.

Art - Decoupage - The timeless art of Collage and Decoupage has a long and fascinating history and a variety of styles that can be traced back to many countries. Over the centuries it has boasted numerous famous practitioners including Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, Lord Byron and more recently Matisse, Joseph Cornell and Picasso. The origins are traced back to Eastern Siberian tomb art dated before Christ. In the 12th century, Chinese peasants continued this art form, which then traveled to Europe in the 17th century and continued to flourish over the 18th & 19th centuries among Royalty (Court of Louis XV) and masses alike.

Artist: Smita Singh is a decorative arts artist based out of Gurgaon. She is an avid practitioner of collage based decoupage art form and trained intensively in Rome, France and the Principality of Monaco in the traditional techniques of this ancient art form. She is inspired by Roman architecture, vintage illustrations and incorporates centuries old images onto glass and other surfaces to produce extraordinary works of art.

She is a passionate decoupeuse storyteller and weaves a spell binding narrative of bold tales across themes and time. Her work brings together colour, form and story in an often startling way to depict something quite fresh, surprising, and unique.

Rage is a home-made chocolate manufacturing company that was started 7 years ago. From our humble beginnings, it has always been our aim to create the finest chocolate and confectionary in a wide range of classic and contemporary gift packaging. We have recently launched our flagship store on Residency Road in Bangalore.
We have a wide variety of delicious flavours like Almond, Butterscotch, Rice Crisps, French Biscuits & Hazelnut to name a few. We have also launched a range of mouth-watering truffles like Cream Caramel, Strawberry, Hazelnut French Crunch, Salted Caramel, Coffee, Orange, and Chocolate Ganache.

Our most recent range is a line of chocolate bars in different flavours and in an array of different packaging. We have bars for every occasion and very emotion!! What's more is that we can even customise the bars for you.

Gallerie Alternatives has been instrumental in bringing art to the fore in the city of Gurgaon. First of its kind, it was inaugurated on 15th Jan 1999 . The Gallery has exhibited drawings, paintings, sculptures & installations by renowned senior artists along with upcoming young talent from all over India, as well as artists from Denmark, Australia, Germany & Spain. This close interaction with the artists has led to a good selection of works and exhibitions, which have been well received by viewers, critics and the media. The select group of artists include M F Husain, S H Raza, Krishen Khanna, V S Gaitonde, Abanindra Nath Tagore, Nandlal Bose, Trupti Patel, Rajeev Lochan, Paresh Maity, Sunil Das, A.Ramachandran, Balbir singh Katt, Latika Katt , Mahendra Pandya, P. Khemraj, Prithpal S. Ladi, Shobha Broota, Krishna Murari, Rahul Kumar & many more.

Mosaic is the ancient method of assimilating related or unrelated materials of varied colours, textures, forms and character to create beautiful pieces of art. The artists use pieces of stone, glass,tiles, beads and other objects, including pieces of junk to bring to life their creation. Mosaic artists are known for their incredible sense of perception in deciding that pieces to use to come up with perfection.

Kanika Singh had always been an artist at heart; she just happened to meander through traditional channels of corporate life to rediscover her passion for Mosaic Art. Almost after two decades of soul searching, she traded her stilettos for moccasins and laptop for and tile cutters, she has never been happier. With each creation Kanika discovered new aspects of herself and realised that she was a story teller. In her collection "For she is a dreamer"; Kanika has imbued facets of life and its experiences.

Today Kanika is living her dream of being an artist, creating a wide selection of mosaic curios and conducting workshops for the creatively inclined.